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After parking way too far away from the theatre (thanks, Google maps), we found it with the help of limit_breaker and a map. I walked a very long way in high heels and I still have blisters. We arrived about fifteen minutes til 8, and I found my seat. Guys, when they said front row center... they meant it. I was bumping my knees against the stage.

John came out and said, "I bet you've seen some rock and roll entrances here, Scottsdale, but not tonight."

He talked about seeing his first cactus, how Arizona was the surface of the sun, the normal stuff comedians talk about here.

He asked what was so great about Arizona, and when I said, "The Grand Canyon." he pointed at me and smiled. eee.

Half of the set was from the special, and half was stuff I'd never heard.

He surprised me by saying there would be a Q and A session after. "I'll give those of you who don't want to stay exactly one minute to leave...then the doors will be locked and you'll have to stay."


Rob Riggle: Audience: "Is Rob Riggle as unstable in person as he seems on TV?" John laughed and said, "Unstable? No no no..." and then talked about Rob keeping him safe, curling up at his feet, etc. It was way more adorable to hear it in person. I kept looking back at limit_breaker and laughing hysterically.

The Pink Taco: Audience: "Have you been to the Pink Taco?" John looked really confused for a minute and then said, "Oh right, we did a film segment on that! How many excuses can I come up with to not go there... is it close?" Audience: "Yep!" John: "Damn.... is it open late?" Audience: "Yep!" John: "Does it have a sign out front that says 'No Brits Allowed?'" Someone said, "You should do a follow-up piece." John: "Sure, with what camera?" Audience: "Use a camera phone!" John: "Is that really how you think of us? I'm going back to the office on Monday and telling them you think that..."

Jon Stewart: Someone asked "Who writes your stuff on The Daily Show?" John: "We all do... well that wasn't a very funny answer...Actually, Jon Stewart rewrites everything. We bring him jokes like a kid brings his parents a drawing he did in class... 'Well yes, this joke is very funny, I'll see if I can get it in the show'... 'Oh, Jon, where was my joke?'... 'It was a good joke... I promise, we just... maybe next time.'"

TCR: I asked if he watched TCR. John: "Oh yes, of course.... There I was, curled up at the feet of a man I adore greatly. I kept flicking his socks and handing up teacups..."

TDS: I also asked (can you tell I talked to him a lot?) how he got contacted to be on TDS, and he gave the standard "If something good is given to me, I don't question why" answer.

Hugh Laurie: Audience: "What are your favorite American TV shows?" John: "I loved TDS until I ruined it... I like The Office, 30 Rock, The West Wing..." Lady: "Do you watch House?" John: "I can't! We're so used to Hugh Laurie being a comedian over in England...when is it on, maybe I'll try it." Audience: "Mondays! 8pm! Fox!" John: "You guys are like a TV Guide!" Same Lady: "It's recommended by MENSA!" John: "You're so persistent!"

Wriststrong/T-shirt incident: A girl in the back asked, "Can I give you my Wriststrong bracelet?" John: "Sure! I actually hurt my wrist getting my bag off the plane... it's not broken though... " Long story short, the girl and three of her friends had shirts with different sayings about John on them. The last one caught his attention... "John Oliver: The Child Molester". After being completely awkward for a few moments (adorable), he decided to sign the back, and someone in the audience said, "Should they play R Kelly while you do it?" and in three seconds we heard, "I believe I can fly... I believe I can touch the sky..."

I'm sure there's stuff I'm forgetting, but hopefully I got all the big stuff.

It was amazing.
doctor who - tardis

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Okay, best part of the night first. John did a Q and A session after his set. Someone asked who The American was from The Bugle podcast.

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Full report tomorrow cause I'm so fucking tired. But OMG John and I had a couple 'moments' like that, haha.

I waited with limit_breaker after the show but we missed him. We were at the wrong exit. Damn.

Teasers for the report tomorrow...
He talked about Rob Riggle, the Pink Taco, Jon, being on TCR, Hugh Laurie, MENSA...
He got a WRISTSTRONG bracelet and signed a t-shirt with a stunning revelation about himself written on it.